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Disposable Distal Attachments

Disposable Distal Attachments

basic information
Transparent cap

Availabilities (Endo-wing)

Availabilities(Distal Caps)

Intended Use:

To be installed at the top end of endoscope for maintaining proper endoscope field of view. Widely used in EMR, ESD, and POEM.

Guide for Endo-wing

Actual Cases (Distal Caps)

Actual Cases (Endo-wing)

a. Offers more working space
b. Provides clear vision for observation and treatment
c. Avoids scratch to tisse of endoscope
d. Smooth and elastic body
e. Various models matching more endoscopes

1. Check the product if it matches.
2. Keep endoscope dry and lubricant free.
3. Insert distal end of endoscope into Endo-wing. 4. Adjust by toggling the wings back and forward gently to its right position. 
5. Pinch the edge of it gently with the fingers for tight installation and avoid displacement.
6. Insert the endoscope. Reaching site, withdraw the endoscope gently to lift tissue and extend the vision.
7. After use, remove the endoscope, take off Endo-wing and dispose properly.

Disposable Endoscopic Distal Attachments